Build personal development editor with vscode

Visual Studio Code(vscode) is a lightwight and powerful editor, support Windows、Linux and Mac os.

  • View the details of a commit, such as author name, email, date, committer name, email, date and comments.
  • View a previous copy of the file or compare it against the local workspace version or a previous version.
  • View the changes to the active line in the editor (Git Blame).
  • Configure the information displayed in the list
  • Use keyboard shortcuts to view history of a file or line

plugin recommend

Type name desc
edit Vim VSCodeVim is a Visual Studio Code extension that enables Vim
edit Guides A Visual Studio Code extension for more guide lines
edit Project Manager Manage your projects Easily access and switch between them.
edit Output Colorizer VSCode Log Output Colorizer
edit Log File Highlighter A Visual Studio Code extension for adding color highlighting to log files.
edit VsCode Great Icon A big pack of icons (100+) for your files.
edit Bracket Pair Colorizer This extension allows matching brackets to be identified with colours.
edit Code Runner Run code snippet or code file for multiple languages
Doc Search Docsets search any of the over 150 documentation sets
doc vscode-todo This extension adds functionality to list TODO:s in the project
theme Railgun Theme A passionate theme.
Python Python An extension with rich support for the Python language
Python vscode-flake8 EXPERIMENTAL flake8 extension
frontend View In Browser Extension for vscode to view a html file in a browser.
frontend Auto Close Tag This extension allows matching brackets to be identified with colours.
forntend Auto Rename Tag Automatically rename paired HTML/XML tag
frontend HTML CSS Support Missing CSS support for HTML documents.
frontend HTML Snippets This extension adds rich language support for the HTML Markup to VS Code
frontend Vetur Vue tooling for VSCode.


kcommand keybinding desc
explorer shirt+cmd+e
extensions shirt+cmd+x
debug shirt+cmd+d
git shirt+cmd+g
show terminal ctrl+`
show problems shirt+cmd+m
show preview shirt+cmd+k
change edit view cmd+[number]
change view mode cmd+alt+[number] horizontal/vertical
formatter shirt+cmd+f